Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kroger Shopping Video!

This is a video that I actually made for my coupon class, but I just thought I would share it with you all as well!
Be warned, we filmed this at like 12am so it gets pretty crazy!


Anonymous said...

Hannah and Sara I so very much enjoyed watching your Kroger clip!!! You both done wonderful!!Thank you both so much for taking your time to help explain the great saving you can have with couponing. Yes, it does take effort to do but your saving far exceed the time involved. I believe for every 10 minutes you work on coupons its the equivilant to 7.00 so 60 minutes saves you 42.00 its like money in the bank!! You go girls, I enjoyed watching very much, will be waiting for the next big shopping trip, so I 'll say bye until the next clip, Happy Couponing Everyone!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much!
I love couponing, and telling people about how great it is!
I totally agree with you! Couponing isnt super easy, but saving money is the best!

We plan to do some more in the future!

Clem said...

Hannah this is really sweet!

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