Friday, February 26, 2010


So I woke up thismorning and was pretty disappointed when we had school, no delays or anything.
Cant have everything I guess.

We didnt get to go in Mrs. Rs room because she wasnt going to be in there so we stayed in Study Hall. Good news about that is we could talk n stuff because we had a sub and he didnt care if we talked as long as we kept it at a reasonable volume. It was still kind of boring. haha.

Like EVERYONE from the lunch table was gone again. It was just Me, KD, Justin,a nd Bryan. Oh n lunch table quote of the day:
Bryan: "Everyone from Jackson has an accent dude. Everyones like a redneck.  All they say is "Im gonna go shoot my dog and have sex with my daughter.(said in a really thick hick accent)"
WOW. Yeah that was super wrong haha but funny. Bryan making fun of hick/redneck people.

We had a bus sub today too. She seemed very angry with her job. She hardcore yelled at this kid for like being a lil in the isle and that was the first time anyone did anything. And when she picked us up from school she went to the wrong place n left us outside for like 10 mins n it was freezing. But anyway, yeah she didnt seem like she enjoyed her job very much.

Tonight Im going to the Ambush Lock in in parkersburg. It was alright last year. I hope this year will be a bit better though with stuff to do. Like more of a variety of stuff to do. I hope Jons there. hahahahahaha it was SO funny last year with him.
The only thing i dont like about lock ins are the fact that their all night. I wish it was like from 6 to 10 r 12 so i could have fun but then snuggle up in my bed.
Plus i get grumpy and then loopier as I stay awake. Last year on the way back I was so tired I didnt even know what I was saying. Half the time I was just mumbling unintelligibly or just saying randomness r laughing for no reason. Sleep deprivation, its a killer.