Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Broken Down Pizza

So i just broke down in the middle of the roadway.

I pulled out of the driveway and went down the road and all the sudden my car kept turning on n off over n over n im like. oh crap. so i tried to turn into the family health senter across from Trinity Chapel and i get down the lil road thing and I get ready to pull in the actual entrance it totally dies. And Im like. crap. Im in the middle of the road. People were trying to get in there n they were giving me looks n stuff like I was an idiot who just randomly parked there. they could get aroudn me but it was kinda a tight squeeze

I stayed there n tired to start it for a lil bit but i couldnt even get it in the neutral gear. so I went inside to call my Dad and I used their phone n told Dad where I was n stuff n as soon as I got off the phone the lady at the desk was like is there anyone with a silver ford focus here? n i was like yeahhh. thats me n she asked if i could move it n im like. umm. i cant. i mean i cant even get it in gear to push it. n shes like oh well. can u tell people to just go around. And I had to explain ot everyone in there that I was broke down n stuff because half them were like pssst thats that girl! what an idiot. ya know. so they were alright with it after that
So I went back out there n pretty much just waited on dad. I couldnt do anything with the car. the front desk lady came out n talked to me for a few mins which was nice of her.

Finally Dad came and he fixed the the negative battery cable/ground wire n i went back home n he got some electrical tape n fixed it until we get a new cable. Basically it just came loose.

After all that I went to Big Lots. I looked around at everything. Then I took books back to the library n went to Saras. We made this Spinach Pizza recipe out of her Rachel Ray magazine. It was AMAZING. (pics to come). I brought some hoem to dad n mom. Mom really liked it but dad said it was ahhh. ok. I was so disappointed. He didnt care for the spinach on it n lack of sauce. He said hed rather have Buds One Stop. And he didnt like it because it wasnt a country dish or some variation of chicken.haha
but anyway. had kinda an eventful night :)