Sunday, February 7, 2010

Church stuff!

Todays pretty good so far. Went to church. Took some pics. The kids were having their missions sunday and they were on Mexico. They are taking one sunday a month and focusing on a certain country and missionaries etc. They made lil banks for money to give, a prayer map, and had salsa n chips for snack haha. They had a good time.

After church they had the Seasoned saints bake sale auction. They made like 300 dollars so they did pretty well.
OH and the biggest thing! We took almost 10,000 dollars off the mortgage! So we should have the pay off drive done before the end of the year!! Its pretty exciting.

Tonight after church the guys are watching the Superbowl and having wings and stuff. Theyre all super excited about it. 

Well. I think im gonna go take a nap now.