Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drugs and Cookies

Well today was just your regular day in paradise. Drug dog came in to school today. Heard some people may r may not have gotten caught with drugs.  KD said that they actually came in her first period class n had them go out in the hall while the drug dog sniffed in the classroom. Barked at MD's seat. BIG suprise.

During the time that was going on I grouted my mosaic. I have only one more side to go and then Im DONE. After that I have to touch up the paint a lil bit and thatll be all and I can move on to my mask. Which hopefully be amazing beyond all reason.

Got in Mrs. Rs good graces. She loves my mom, brother, and family in general so shes gonna write me passes to her room along with KD n Justin. Which makes me super happy. We made sugar cookies today. I brought the dough.  We still have plenty left plus the rest of the cupcakes n cupcake batter. YES. I love going up with KD n Justin. Theyre really fun.

Well I guess thats all for now.  Buh bye now!