Sunday, February 14, 2010


So i mentioned a while back that I finished Eragon. Which I finally got around to reading. I guess nows the time to write something about it. haha

I liked the book but it was kind of hard to get into at first. at least for me. but all in all I liked it.
Its about a boy who finds a dragon egg and goes through all this stuff to become a dragon rider basically. I thought the dragons name was Eragon but its actually the boy. Oops.

I started reading the 2nd book Eldest friday. Its a lil better. I like it more because it switches off between Roran and Eragons point of view etc.

If you like Medieval books etc then you'll prolly like this one.

Its so hard to say my main views on things without giving things away haha so ill leave it at that.

*oh and DONT watch the movie before you read the book or even at all. Its the worst movie version of a book EVER.