Monday, February 22, 2010

The Mondays

Today was good. It kind of seemed like everyone had a "case of the mondays" today though. It wasnt like the grumpy mondays but the sleepy mondays. We havent been to school on a monday in 2 weeks so I can see how.

It was good to be back at school though. In Mrs. R's room I talked with Kd n justin and ate PB n J sandwiches. It was nice.

At lunch some things came to light haha. Like half the people at our table was gone. Which was sad n made the table quieter. Which is a little depressing.

Yeah that was pretty much my school day. It was pretty normal all in all 

Im SUPER Excited about them. 

and were watching Madea Goes to Jail tonight. It came in the mail through Netflix. Ive all ready seen it but my parents havent haha. Theyll LOVE it.
My Moccasins!!!!