Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Purple Tuesday

Today was another pretty normal day at school. I got a real good start on my mask today in art. I hope it turns out well.

Yesterday Mr. Massie put in an order to the school for like the biggest Smartboard available. He also threw in the sound system n stuff for it. It all added up to like $18,000. He put it in just to see if he could get it. haha. The school has like 0 money though. He knows it he still put it in. There were making all these different scenarios that would happen when Jenkins got it haha. Its totally gonna get denied. And then he said hes putting in a request for and eraser for his whiteboard. haha

Oh n todays quote from the lunch table: "Katie's mom has skin the color of leather and flourescent teeth." haha. Bryan. He sure has a way with words :)
KD was dying after he said that. haha.

Tomorrow we have our Gullivers Travels test in Mrs. Franke's. Its gonna be INTENSE. Trust me, everyone is dreading it.I love Mrs. Franke but her tests are monsters. Speaking of, I was suprised that Mrs. Franke didnt know what a Chimera was. It seems like she wouldve. Shes real into the Lord of the Rings type stuff.

Anyway that was pretty much my Day. Normal.
Oh and I almost forgot. Gunnar and Chris Murphy started their own youtube show type thing. Its pretty funny. I especially love the movie references. :D
Jessica and I are gonna try to help them with thier ideas n stuff for other shows.