Friday, February 5, 2010


So no luck with the snow day. We had rain all day but we were still on a "2 hour early dismissal schedule" and then one Mr. H made up in his head. It was SO confusing. but anyway. hope as i might, we didnt get out early. (I refreshed the doppler radar like every 5 mins in mrs. Rs room so i was serious)

On the bright side we did get to go to grandma n grandpa's. Which i love doing. I gave them my SR. pics and they had a suprise- they got me a Breyer! I love Breyer horses. Ive kind of collecting them. (make fun if you want :P)

Oh n I saw Taryns mom in CVS today when I went to get hair products. I havent seen her in forever. It suprised me that she remembered my name. haha. She said she liked my pics n all :)

ITS SNOWING INTENSELY RIGHT NOW. The snow theyve been calling for has finally came! basically its supposed to snow all weeked. 6-12 inches baby. Our lil Jtown is soon to be a winter wonderland! Better go to walmart n get your supplies! haha

(not taken in Jackson but its lookin like this outside)