Friday, February 12, 2010


Yeah so my computer pretty much died yesterday. So thats the reason for my lack of blogging.

Trust me. Nothing but that could keep me away from my beloved blog.

But in review from yesterday.

I had a pretty nice 2 hour delay back. Had a nice confessions session with KD and we caught up on her snow day escapades with Paige. It was really boring in Mrs. Rs room without Justin there. :(  haha. Glad Justin was back today though.

At the lunch table Jonathan and I discussed his relationship life etc. I love Jonathan. I like to think of him as a cute innocent freshman who has not yet been tainted by/experianced the world.

Well anyway thats about it . Thats kind of my 2 day hash up. Since nothing really happened today all the news was yesterdays.

Again. Sorry about the no post yesterday :)