Wednesday, March 17, 2010

College Reading Story

In College Reading we had to make a story using our Word Of the Days (affectionately known as the WOD). This is mine from last week.

My story from College Reading:

  The giant zoophagous dragon loomed over the shepherds flocks. He eyed them hungrily from his vantage point high in the sky. He studied the herd for a while, watching the sheeps movements and that of the shepherds. He saw how the shepherds frightened away with magic the wolves wgo came to try to steal the sheep into their dens, he saw how zealous the shepherds were about the sheep, letting ot even one stray from their sight.
  He quickly concluded that this would not be an easy kill. The sheep were nigh unassailable with their shepherds around. He could just swoop down and pluck one sheep from the flock but he wouldnt get far thanks to the shephrds magical staffs. Nope, he'd have to see to the shepherds first
  He took a deep dive twards the first shepherd, and released a frightful blast from his maw, singing the mans clothes greatly and in turn the shepherd dropped his staff on the ground. As the shepherd ran from the flames the dragon landed on the staff, breaking it in two and releasing the magic stored within.
  With the first shepherd out of the way he went on to the second, who was working his way tward the fearsome dragon; staff in hand. The dragon turned, saw the shepherd,and took to the skies. He disappeared among the misty clouds for a minute or two and then suddenly came down again on the shepherds back; claws digging in the mans back and impaling his flesh. The man went limp under his massive feet. He picked up the staff and crushed it with one snap of his jaws.
  The sheep were free for him to feast on. The whole ot of them! There were too manyfor him to eat at once however show he decided to take them back to his cave. He gave them magical dragon apples, succharine in nature, to control their thoughts and speed as he led them to their inevitable doom in his dragon lair.