Thursday, March 25, 2010

College Visit

So I went on a college visit to Shawnee State University today. And yeah I pretty much hacked all the way through it though. Ulg. I might have a touch of pneumonia. Im going to the doctor tomorrow to get some antibiotics to clear this thing up. I should have went a long time ago. But, back to Shawnee.
I really really liked the campus. It was really nice. I think Ill have a good time there. It seems like a really good place to go to school.
And I really liked the area around it too. Its not like the butthole of Portsmouth its actually kinda nice.
They were doing alot of revamping as far as landscaping, decorations, etc. Mostly because they changed their school colors from roal blue and silver to navy and silver. (ohh man haha) All in all I thought is was very nice. The kids there seemed nice, the classes, just about everything. I really liked though that right before you went into one of the buildings there was a no smoking withing 25 feet sign and there were a bunch of old cigs like laying on the ground n like in the cracks of the pavement rigt outside the door n by the sign. It just kind of made me chuckle at how the rules were being followed. haha. But that was the only building that had that.
So yeah I definately feel good about my college choice n the comin years. I hope ill make lotsa friends! haha. because most of my good friends are going to other colleges
and college is no fun without your buddies.


Sara said...

you'll always have me

hanner_da_nanner said...

its true

Candy said...

You will have to go to the Scioto Ribber to eat in Portsmouth. It is Greg & I's favorite pace. They grill everything outside on huge grills. Steaks, ribs, ribber fries etc. Best steak you will ever eat!!!!! Check it out!!!!

Anonymous said...
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