Friday, March 26, 2010


So I went to Urgent Care thismorning. It took me forever to sign in n stuff because Ive never been to urgent care (which just confirms that I almost never get sick).I got in there n mom was being all mother hen-like: asking me if i needed a tissue like every 5 sec n getting the list of doctors n asking which one Im seeing then freaking out when his name isnt on the paper. haha. but anyway.
I went in n they had to take my blood pressure etc. Which turned out to be a good thing because I LOST 10 pounds since I was last weighed which suprised me and yet not because of where ive been sick ive been just eating one meal a day pretty much. So yeah I was excited about that. The nurse took us in the regular room where the doctor would see us n he came in after a lil while.
The doctor that I had was pretty old, and seemed a lil overexcited. Hewas tall, n skinny with white hair n na nice white bushy mustache (mr massie would be proud). He was definately happy to be there, cracking not really funny jokes n all. Anyway. He told me that as long as I dont have a ton of sinus pressure n headaches n fevers anymore than im doing good. He basically said I was on the end of a sinus infection and he gave me 4 prescriptions to get filled. Robutusin DM, Claritin, some nose spray meds, and an antibiotic. So Im all set up now. Hopefully the meds will dry this thing up. He said if I have any more trouble that I should take the Claritin more. Even though i dont really have allergies its all in the sinus. He was relly suprised Ive never been to urgent care and I dont have health probs r anything since the hersprungs when I was little. haha. Aparently I look like I shouldnt be healthy.

So yeah, I have drugs now so I should be ok.
Not going back to school though because he gave me a Drs excuse for all day and Im definately not going to waste it

Oh n I saw my cousin Allie. Which made me supr happy. I didnt know that she worked as a lab tech nurse etc. over there. I didnt get to talk to her though, she was busy.


Sara said...

the Claritin dries you up and the Robitussin helps your congestion. just a fyi.

hanner_da_nanner said...

yeah i know.
I definately got alot worse last night. it felt like somoene was squeezing my lungs. Im better now though. ulg. i hate this.