Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Funday

So today was a pretty normal monday but one highlight was that Jonathan has rejoined us at the lunch table. He was in ISO for like a week. It was so uneventful without his bouncy self

Also today KD n I looked up the Lady Gaga blue lightning face sticker thing from hot topic. Its AMAZING. Were definately rocking it to stay at home this year. Its 80's themed so itll fit. Not sure what Im gonna wear though. Im kinda leaning tward really bright neonish colors. or maybe an 80s movie theme tshirt. I dont know yet. We'll see.

I started reading Peter and the Starcatchers today but I dont think Im going to finish it. Im not really getting into it. Its basically about Peter Pan but what happened before the original book Peter Pan. Its like a Peter Pan prequel. In theory it sounds like a good idea but its just not gellin with me. Im almost halfway through it n Im still kinda like ehhh its not that great.
Yep. Looks like Im not gonna finish.
I feel like a quitter. haha.

Well I think thats about it.
Oh n good luck all you Mustache March participants!!


The Never Fairy said...

Don't feel bad... it's not a good prequel anyway, in that it has a TON of mistakes as compared to Barrie's original stories. The fact-checking kind of mistake... not to mention that Barrie already HAD a backstory for Pan.

There is a cool book based on Barrie's own idea for MORE Pan adventure, though... Click!

hanner_da_nanner said...

Ah well i guess its good i quit it then. haha.

ok. thanks dude! ill check it out.