Monday, March 15, 2010

OGT Monday

So today was pretty crazy. I didnt have to go in school till 10 am because of the OGTs and when I go there we all sat in the Commons for an hourafter that. We started period one at like 11am and stayed there for ll of 5 mins then we went to 4rth per(lunch) and then 2nd and so on. It was a lil crazy. We had like 20 mins in each class. So yeah everyonewas a teeny bit stressed today.
At least I got to hve a nice talk with Ashton in the commons thismorning. :P

After school I went to buy some tanning sessions. Saw KD n Paige there! haha. Crazy kids. Anyway I got some sessions and I went ahead and did some tanning too. Ive never been before and I officially love it. I definately dozed off. I love how warm it is :)
The closeness of the lid ddint bother me at all. It was quite nice :)
This is kinda random but I got this Burts Bees toothpaste sample tube in the mail. Its supposed to be all natural, no other stuff. We'll see. Ill try it. Usually Burts Bees products are good.

Well I guess thats it for now. See ya later!!

Ps. I think im gonna put a college reading story up. hmmm. We'll see.