Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Bullcrap

Dude. Sandra Bullock winning Best Actress for The Blind Side is total bullcrap. I havent even seen that movie n I know she wasnt worthy of  Best Actress. Come on guys. What about Gabby from Precious. You CANNNOTTTT tell me that Sandra Bullock did a better job than her, and this is her first movie ever. She was a nobody dude n all of the sudden shes a contender at the awards. Her performance was emotional, passionate, everything. And Sandra Bullock has had a whole lifetime of movie making and is just now getting to the awards dude. Shes not even a great actress. This year she actually won worst actress for All About Steve. Thats just total bullcrap that she won at the oscars. Now shes winner of best and worst actress. The Academy is BLIND dude.


In conclusion The Hurt Locker DOMINATED and the director became the first female director to EVER win an Oscar. Thats quite a milestone. I didnt watch that movie. I downloaded it but Im not very into army type movies so my brother just watched it. He sung its praises but I maintained it prolly wasnt my type of movie. Ill prolly have to actually watch it now haha.

Other than that. Im pretty happy with the Academys decisions.


Anonymous said...

They all deserved the Oscar. If you didn't watch the blind side how can you pass judgement on Sandra bullock's performance? Not saying gab didn't do a tremendous job, but it had to be a hard decision with all the extreme talent in that category. Gab is probably just floored and flattered to have been in such great company, let alone nominated for an Oscar. Kudos to them all.

hanner_da_nanner said...

I see what youre sayin about me not seeing the blind side n all but still. Nothing I saw of it impressed me as much as Precious. I mean se prolly did a good job n it ws a greatmovie i heard, but Oscar material? Im thinking not so much. I agree that the talent was good n they all really did a good job but I just think they couldve done better with the judging.

PS. I really hate anonymous comments.