Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pizza Thursday

Well I didnt get much written 4rth period. but here it is:

"So Im sitting in study hall with KD. We couldn’t go to Mrs. R’s room because shes going to start going home for lunch. BLEH! Hopefully she doesn’t make this a permanent type deal. That would put a considerable damper on my last days here at JHS.
This morning a little bit of drama went down. I really just wish people wouldn’t talk about people n friends would just TRUST each other. It’s a little redicious. Ive decided that Im not listening to the rumors about things and Ill get my info straight from my friends (the horses mouth). Its just getting really bad you know. I think if u listen to ever rumor out there and don’t believe and put at least a lil faith in what your own friend says then youre gonna be really confused ya know. You have to believe in someone, and especially your friends. "

Yeah i was a lil annoyed and frustrated earlier today but now, not so much. Mostly because im now listening to the Across the Universe soundtrack (which is a great movie btw. The Beatles musical, awesome!) and got my Citrus Bloom perfume and Just Pinched blush from moms Avon. Which if youre interested in ordering Avon you should contact me in some way :

Well I guess thats it for now.
I heard it from the Facebook wall that some PBurg folk are visiting our church tonight. Im kind of excited about it. Those foreigners! haha.
Oh n were definately getting some pizza later. In my family we have Pizza Thursdays most thursdays. Its kinda like Purple Tuesday except instead of wearing purple on tuesday we just get a pizza on thursday.

Dosvidanya Everyone!!