Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunny Sunday

So today was your normal sunday. I went to church, then Andy and Dad went to the jail n Nathan and I went to walmart. Nathan had to go up there to get his glasses fixed because one of the screws came out n he had to go get it put back in haha. Silly Nathan :)

At walmart i got myself a bubble wand. I was super excited. I went outside n blew the bubbles and played with Friendly and Clarise because i couldnt get Nathan to come outside n blow bubbles with me haha.
He said his nap was more important.  It was sooooo nice outside. i loved todays weather. Just think, pretty soon we'll need the A/C!

After a lil bit of a cat nap I got up n went to church again. Did livestream. It was a really good sermon. Lots of people were touched by it. Which is always the thing that matters. Impacting peoples lives.

After Church, got myself a 5 layer burrito from Taco Bell. Those are AMAZING. Now Im just sitting here chilling on my blog. Got my maison done on farmville. haha Im a supergeek.
Im not really looking forward to school regular time tomorrow :(
But at least my sickness has almost went away. I just have a lil cough, snuffies, and sore throat. Yay! haha. I hate make up work . I doubt theres much to make up though.

Well, I guess thats all! Bye!