Sunday, April 18, 2010


So tonight I finally got to watch 9. It was a really good movie, not really the kind Id wanna watch over and over but its still really good. It was a lil bit predictable in some parts but others not. I liked how it had its own twist on everything. It was slightly weird but not too weird to where youre like, what the heck. So weird but a good weird that you can kinda see happening, maybe not so extreme(the dolls) but some biotechnology of that sort(to create life)

 The central theme of machines being intelligent and taking over the world n eventually turning on man (WAR!!) in the future is a pretty common one (Terminator...) but that doesnt mean it isnt thought provoking or couldnt happen. Id look forward to seeing those themes come up again more and more in the future.

All in all it was a good movie. Wonderfully made, great cast, good script, thought provoking, all of it. I was wondering throughout the movie who was the voice of 1 and 9. Turns out 1 was played by the same guy who played Charles Muntz in Up (Christopher Plummer). His voice was SO familiar n it was bugging me. Thats why. haha. Also 9 was played by Elijah Wood. Which is awesome. He has the like prettiest, yet kinda creepiest eyes ever; but I digress.
Anyway. Just go out n see the movie for yourselves!