Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chillicothee with Mom

So yesterday I went to Chillicothee with my mom. I originally planned t go to Cbus with mom n sara n get a dress but Dad had to put the new radiator hose on the car and it got too late to go up to Cbus, but we went to Chilli anyway. Sara didnt go though.

So yeah anyway we went there n really had a fun time. I got some garden decorationsfor grandmas flower beds, some clothes, the new B&BWorks fragrance (Moonlight Magic! MMMMM!) and I got a scentbug finally, and some other stuff.
We even ran into Pastor Karen at Cato when we got back into town.
All in All We had fun.
Here are some pics:
Mom having a Klondike bar for the road

On the Way!

Getting some Starbucks

Goin back home...


Sara said...

you mom having a klondike bar for the road.hahahaha

hanner_da_nanner said...

yeah i know. haha she was hungry. a few mins after the pic she dropped it. haha