Friday, April 9, 2010

Impact 2010

So today we went to the Impact 2010 thing at the Convo at OU. It was pretty fun. They talked to us about not drinking n driving and there was this one guy who had went down to sprin break in florida and they were all drinking and driving and they wrecked and 3 of his friends died and one wont speak to him. there were 5 of them all together. He ended up going to jail for 3 yrs. It was really sad.
All in all it was a good program - plus we got out of school the whole day!

Loved the mascot battle begining. They had all the schools mascots and basically had a dance off thing. We were all up in the stands getn down with the music. KD was really gettin into it. She knows all the dance moves haha. They had some good songs. n It was also pretty great doing the roller coaster - until Athens copied us. BOOOO!
The only thing I hate is the stairs in the Convo, going down them, im liek a snail because theyre kinda deep ya know n i have a fear of falling down stairs anyway, my experiance last year pretty much did me in. Bleh.
All in all, good times! Now off to Mamaws! Gotta give her the yard stuff i bought for her n pics!