Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Looking Forward...

So Im super stoked for this week coming up. Im going to go see Ironman 2. Midnight Showing if I cant. SUPER STOKED. I LOOOOOOOOVED the first one. I hope the 2nd one is even more awesome :)

This weekend is the Fishing Tournament at Lake Alma. Im gonna have to get up really early and go out there n take pics of the men reelin' them in. My Dads totally gonna with though, all thanks to the fishing utility belt I bought him. haha. But yeah Im kinda excited for that. Not only is there the fishing tournament but theres the cookout afterwards (just your basic picnic foods). Itll all be real fun. You should come on out!

But yeah thats what Im lookin forward to, other than Graduation and arts festival etc. Speaking of, I never did put pics of my linoleum block up. Sorry about that. Ill try to soon. Ive gotten through most of the super hard parts of it now I just have to do the rst. It should be done this week. Im also putting some photos in the Arts Fest which Im pretty excited about :)

Well everyone, have a fun week!

P.S. Everyone Pray for Mrs. Callihan, shes going through a rough time right now...