Friday, April 2, 2010

Panda Hamper

So today I pretty much found one of the wonders of the modern world. The Panda Hamper.
I went to Family Dollar to do some shopping for my father (they had some stuff on sale).
To use this one coupon you had to spend at least 25 dollars. Well I got the Panda Hamper as a deal buster. Its quite amazing, and big, and OH SO CUTE.

HAHA. Love it. Its ears arent quite standing up but thats ok.

Also Kitty is currently sleeping on my bed and being cute :)

Anyway my day was spend at family dollar getting the panda hamper and easter window clings etc and at my grandmas. It was a fun day. Oh n it actually got really warm today, like in the 80s. I LOVED IT.
Tomorrow:Shopping with Sara, hopefully pics will come ;)

PS. Good Luck to Taryn on the Queens Contest tonight! Go get em!!!

n heres Mo:
Hes so worn out from going to grandmas. haha
His hair is starting to grow back after his encounter with the groomer.
Mom waited too long to take him, once again.