Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So I finished this book called Troy by Adele Geras. It was a REALLY good book. It wasnt just about Troy and the Trojan war. It made it all personal and it felt real (which it was but you know what I mean). It also does alot of focus on the inhabitants of the city of Troy(most characters are citizens) which, you never get that in the Iliad and most of the stories of the Trojan War. Its usually all about the Greeks. This shows you what it was lke within the walls during the war. It also showed alot of Gods and Godesses intevention in things, but not in a super mythical type way (if that makes any sense). All in all it was a really good book. I especially liked how personal they made the war(no omniscient 3rd person) and its effects on the Trojans (other than their defeat).

The only thing I didnt like was some of it was a lil lovey dovey and Im not really all into the "im a sappy teenager and in love" stuff but it wasnt so much that it took up the whole novel.

GREAT BOOK!- I would definately use some part-or the whole book if I were teaching ancient history/world history and I had the time.

Now Im gonna read Adele Geras's 2nd Greek history themed novel - Ithica
Its obviously about Odysseus's journey home (The Odyssey). Im not sure if Im gonna like it was well though because they do ALOT of emphasis on Penelope's character n not so much on Odysseus, which that seems like where all the action would be but thats ok. Ill just have to read it n find out!

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