Monday, April 19, 2010

Vanilla Waiver

So today was a pretty good day till about 7th period when I found out that I had no waiver days. Yeah. 0. I was like, what the heck so I went down to the attendance office and it turns out that when my mom called in and I was sick that week, I had already had 2 excused absensces without my drs excuse earlier in the month. Well when my mom called in again it was basically void because I used my 2 days. and my mom called me in another 2 dys after the excused. Which is so retarded. I mean I didnt skip I was sick jeez. They can look at my friggin records and see that I have almost perfect attendance, just this year I got a sinus infection and a mini stomach flu. Thats not my problem. ULLGGGGGGGGGGG!

Just really frustrated with the system right now.


Candy said...

You should work where I do, Dr's excuse or not you have NO sick days that does not count against you.....