Thursday, May 6, 2010

Arts Fest

So Im pretty excited. The Arts Festival started today at school. ANNNNDDDD i won first place for my photography. More specifically the picture of wesley. I also won 3rd place in photography for my pic of one of the easter eggs. My horse ones I took last weekend didnt make it in for judging but they are up now just for display. I also won 2nd place in mosaic for my Rubiks Cube. Which I couldnt believe because I think it looks like crap haha. I also got Honorable Mention for my manikin in real life drawing. Which I think is super boring haha. ANNND first place for my photoshop project of Mr E's head as the old farmer from American Gothic. So yeah I was pretty happy.
And KD won places for 4 out of her 8 things she entered. She took home first and 2nd place in pen and ink. she got 3rd for her etching and honorable mention for her MySpace drawing. YAY KD!! n naturally Trevin won like a million awards. not suprising since hes amazing beyond all reason. YAY Trevin!!

So yeah I was pretty happy with myself.
Congrats to everyone!!
(pics to follow)


Anonymous said...

when do you think you'll have the pics up?
signed, interested art student.

hanner_da_nanner said...

Umm prolly tomorrow night or saturday morning. Well prolly saturday morning because im gonna go to the theatre friday night. So yeah. Saturday morning

I have to take more tomorrow. i didnt get pics of all my stuff. Ill post pics of my friends art too.


Anonymous said...

sounds good. what times is the arts festival open to the public?
-interested art student

katie_is_a_loser said...

wooo! im the next arron apsley!

hanner_da_nanner said...

Arts fest is open to the public all day tomorrow till 8pm. Its the last day of it so ya better get goin!

N KD - yes you are!!!