Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Book Lovers Desiderata

Disiderata I wrote for Callihans class. Im pretty proud of it :)

Book Lovers Desiderata

Go swiftly amid the ink and the paper,
And remember what peace there may be in a good read.
Read as far as possible without getting bored.
Be on good terms with just about all genres and authors.
Speak your reviews loudly and clearly;
And listen to others recommendations,
Even the weird and the uncharacteristic;
They too can be good books.

Avoid Harlequin Romance novels and their authors,
They are a waste of trees and money.
If you liken yourself to your favorite characters,
You may become an optimistic dreamer;
For there will always be greater and lesser characters than yourself.
Take care of the characters you loved as well as if they were your friends and family.

Keep alive your career as an auror or vampire
However impossible it may seem;
It is a real dream in the changing realities of life.
Exercise caution in dealing with librarians,
For they are full of mood swings,
But let this not blind you to their knowledge of books and their contents.
Many librarians will help you,
Just make sure you get them on a good day.

Be yourself
Especially do not hold back your love of books and their contents.
Neither be cynical towards ignorant nonreaders
For in the face of success and intelligence
They are as dust in the wind.

Take the words of a good author,
Insightfully reading in between the lines.
Nurture strength of spirit to not have a heart attack from the sudden death of your favorite character in the book you’re reading.
But don’t worry about it because they’re probably not really dead just lying low for a while.
Many plot twists are born from “I thought you were dead’s”

Your library books are the center of a librarian’s universe,
More than her family or friends
You need to bring back your books on time.
Whether or not you are finished with them;
Return or suffer the dire consequences.

Therefore be at peace with villains, fluff characters, and librarians
Whatever mood they are in that day;
And however many dead heroes, and overdue book fines
In the never ending cycle of life,
The heartache, disappointment, and just not good stuff;
Keep at peace with books.
They’ll be there when nothing else is.

With all their plot holes, villains, and evil in general;
They are still good books.
Be happy.
Strive to read every book in the library and wow your teachers with your extensive use of vocabulary.