Friday, May 14, 2010

Hannah Adkins:Tonight

So yeah I really dont have alot to say but I havent actually "wrote" on my blog in a while. I thought I prolly should, even if I have nothing to day.

Well, actually I was going to put up my poems from Callihans class but I put my binder in my locker today before we went to the Teacher vs. Student Basketball Game (students won! but the teachers were tough). So there will be no poems tonight Im afraid.
Im currently listening to Franz Ferdinand. I really like british type bands. like the strokes etc. That whole type of sound. I just really like that, among other things.

I had to present my powrpoint over my research paper in Frankes. It was a pretty amazing slideshow if I do say so myself.
If I wouldve went through the material on it like I wouldve liked I wouldve went over the time though so I basically just sped through it n summarized even more than I did. Which I kind of regret. I love powerpoints though. It kinda gives me a chance to sort of teach and explain etc which I really like doing.  After all my first career choice was that of a teacher but I wasnt sure I wanted to get into all the stuff that teachers have to go through as far as the state etc. Oh well. I think Id make a good history teacher though. I love history. Its all so fascinating. Id prolly teach that or literature. Not so much "english" but literature. I hate doing Grammar n stuff. Especially if youre in high school. I see the need for it n all but I dont think id have the patience to do that for say, seniors. Id be more about analyzing poems, books, and short stories.; breaking them down, sharing the history n do lots of activities that arent only aimed at you learning the material but making it real to you. With some thought provoking writing mixed in. You know? Kinda like Mrs. Franke haha. but alas. Im doing photography

Well my itunes just moved on down to the Office Space soundtrack. haha. Wow. I love old school rap. and Office Space haha.
I really dont have that much music on my computer now since I had to wipe my computer. and the back up discs wouldnt load. (FML)
So mostly I just plug in my actual ipod for the music r flip on Pandora. Which really has off days. Liek some days Pandora will be right on. n others itll be like. what the heck man.
Its the way of things I suppose. haha.

Well I think Ive done enough damage for now. Rambling is good for writing sometimes. And Im sure everyone wants to see something more than Quote n Picture of the Days. Which Im kinda thinking about mixing up a lil. Putting like pics from the net n Tumblr on as pic of the days too along with my photos. We'll see.

"See ya in the funny papers"