Saturday, May 8, 2010

Iron Man 2

So Ironman 2 lemme see. It was a pretty BA movie. I liked the first one just a lilll bit better. This one was all about the plot n stuff. First one, not so much.
I have to say though Mickey Rourke is a total BA in this. So good. He reminded me why I love villians so much. Gosh the schenes with the whip n the blasting cars *drools*
I love villains. Im tellin ya. n he was basically a supervillain as far as im concerned. He definately pulled off something that 95% of villains dont do: he had a backup plan. He had a plan if he happened to fail. Which definately should be Villiany 101. Never think youre soooo good that you cant lose/fail. And in the event that happens, have a plan/take those (bleeep) with ya.
But enough about that.
Scarlet J was well, her. Not much acting, alot of showing the goods. She was in some nice fight scenes though.
But anyway my final view on this is go and see it because its a really great movie. The first one was just better. haha

(SPOILER:Look for Marvels AVENGERS in a future movie...)