Monday, June 14, 2010

The A-Team

I saw this yesterday n i thought it was pretty good. It could never compare to the TV show but it was good in its own right. There was alot of action, lots of humor, and a pretty good plot. The movie is basically a prequel of the TV show. At the end they do the show intro n whatnot.
The only thing I was actually unhappy about was the character choices for Hannibal and BA. Its really hard to see Liam Nealson as Hannibal because of allllll the other roles he's played. Plus he really didn't act like the Hannibal TV character. I just didn't think it was a good fit.
Rampage for BA. Ehhhhhh. I didn't really like that. His version of BA was a lot quieter. He wasn't so shouting as in the TV show and not so intense. It wasn't the same
I really liked the guy they picked to play Murdock. I didn't even realize it was the guy from District 9 until I watched the movie. haha. But yeah he was definitely good as the crazy guy. That was probably the best actor fit of the movie.
Face was also good. Bradley Cooper is amazing all the time, but him as Face was a good fit. Ever the ladies man.

All in all this was pretty good. If you were in LOVE with the TV series you may not like it, but this was a good movie in its own right.


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