Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Avon n Bday!

Today Mom n I went to Chilli for the Presidents Recognition Dinner thing. Mom got an award for 2nd Most Sales Increase, and we got a bunch of free stuff and a free 3 course dinner served to us. It was really nice. Mom was really happy.
After that we did a little bit of shopping. I went to B&B Works n got some Apricot Summer Vanilla stuff (which wasnt online when I went to order it) and the Summer Vanillas collection 3 pack of oils.
I got 2 shirts at JCP's and Claires had their 10 for 10 so I got some stuff there too.
After all that I went to Petsmart and got a ball and chews for Cookie.
Yeah, all in all a good day.
Today was also Nathans Bday. I waited till like midnight to give him his present from me :)
(HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN) He wants to go to Applebees for his Bday dinner but we'll prolly have to wait until next weekend because of VBS and stuff.
(Some DVDs n a video game)
Here are some pics:
(I forgot to take the tags off his presents YEESH!)


Sara said...

i can't believe bnb had the summer vanillas stuff i didn't see them!!!!grrrrrrr

hanner_da_nanner said...

yeah. the oils were by the 50% off buckets and the rest of the stuff were on the lil isle by the register n anitbacs.

dont worry if we go to tuttle you can get some there