Monday, June 21, 2010

The Book of Eli

I really really liked this movie. There was some sweet action scenes. I mean SWEET action scenes, but that can only get you so far. Theres a whole lot of religion in this movie, or at least references to but I think its more about good vs. evil. The story is, (its after like a big nuclear bomb r something) God led this man to the last bible on earth. He told him to take it west and he would find a place where it would be needed and where it would be safe. So he takes off walking, and 30 years later hes still going.  But theres also another guy looking for it to use for personal gain.
I really liked the twistish part  at the end. I was like. YES!
But yeah this was a good movie. I especially liked all the fight/action scenes(out of those, loved the beginning silhouette one. very good). Also, Denzel Washington always pleases. Even if the movie is totally crap, you can go away saying: Man I HATED that movie, but that was some good acting on Denzels part.
One thing I didnt like is that the whole Bible thing really didnt fit in all that much, you know. I mean yeah its the last one and the words have power to draw people etc. But I wish they would have delved more into WHY everything, you know, and explain some of the backstory. That way you dont feel so lost and everythings not so jumbled as far as the plot, in the beginning
Another thing, this DEFINATELY reminds you of The Road. Mostly because the guy, Eli, is following old highways like in The Road and the earth is barren and there are raiders etc like in The Road. Although in The Road it isnt really all desert.
Anyway, youll just have to watch and see it for yourself

Check it!