Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So today was Orientation at Shawnee State University.
I was really tired driving down there. I may have veered on the road a few times. haha
Anyway we got down there, signed in, etc.
They started off the day with the student advisor people doing a choreographed dance to "I Got a Feeling". I have to say at that moment I was like; really are you kidding me.
I'm just the type of person that's like give my my stuff and let me go. haha. I'm not really into the whole PUMP UP THE VOLUME FOR ORIENTATION 2010!!! type thing. haha
Anyway, after that we went one place n the parents went another.
We were paired up with our advisor leader people and we went to watch a general overview PowerPoint. We then proceeded to have another mini tour n then we got together with our leader and they had like different "get to know you" games.
My advisor(Hannah. I know. How ironic. She was super excited we had the same name haha) had this game where you take note cards n put related things on 2 note cards (ex. Peanut Butter and Jelly) and put one card on one persons back n one on another. (One person would have peanut butter and one would have jelly n they would be partners. one person would have beauty n one would have the beast and they would be partners etc) You had to go around the room n ask ppl for clues as to what the not on their back was.  Once everyone found their partners you had to ask each other questions and introduce each other to the group. It was kinda fun. My partner was this girl from around Cincy. She was pretty nice.
After that we went to the success center and made our schedules, met with our class advisor person etc.
After all that we went for lunch(sandwiches, cookies, chips, n pop)
We got free Tshirts for filling out a survey, which was pretty sweet.
Then we went downstairs n got our student ID badges. My picture is super bad. After that we just waited on the parents to get done with their stuff. Dad n I went in the bookstore n did some looking. They already had some textbooks in there n my oh my were they expensive/ Like the cheapest book I have to get was 60 dollars USED. I'm gonna shop around a lil bit n see what kind of prices other places have for used etc. haha
But yeah that was pretty much it except I got my parking pass on the way out the door.
All in all, a lil tiring but pretty fun.