Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shaping up for VBS 2010!!

Today, Sara, Kelli, and I went up to Circleville to go to Maurices and also stop at Grandview Outlet. It was really my first time in Maurices. I just assumed they didnt have anything in there I could wear, well, turns out they did. Their stuff is a little bit high on prices but I liked alot of their stuff really well. Yeah, I was a lil clueless when I went in. I didnt know that when you try stuff on they put your name on your door(?). I just saw a fitting room door open and I went in. Turns out it was another girls and she opened the door to go in her room and needless to say, she got a lil show. haha. How embarassing. I apologized to the clerk and the lady whos room Id taken. Well after that I ended up getting 2 shirts and so I went to check out. Well, when I went to use my gift card that Kelli gave me they said that the balance on the account was 0. Well, that was wrong because it was my first time using it. So Kelli bought my stuff and now she has to get her reciept and take it back to Maurices and get money put on the card. She said that had happened to her several times before. Its a good thing she was there or I wouldve really been in trouble. haha!
After all that we went into Grandview and we realized we didnt really have time to roam( we had to be back at 3) so we left Grandview and took off for Chilli.
We had to get some stuff from Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby for the Preschool Room that Kelli and Kate are working on. They have some really good ideas about having a pyramid and having the kids go inside it to color and have alot of the decorations really touch n feel.  Anyway, we got stuff from Dollar Tree(which was CROWDED) and went to Hobby Lobby and got stuff and then we decided to check Joaan Fabrics fabric prices compared to HB's so we went over there.
We ended up getting fabric at Joanns instead of HB.
After running around Chilli we headed back to Jackson to pick up Kate and go out to the church and do some VBS work.
Basically we helped Kelli and Kate in the soon to be Preschool Room and then we kinda migrated over to helping Michelle and Amy in the Craft room. We pretty much have the Craft room done and the Preschool Room is coming along.
Theres ALOT of work to do. haha.
Here are a few preview pics:
(Ill probably post more tomorrow)

Oh n P.S. Pastor Karen sprained her finger and chipped a bone cleaning out her car. She called Kelli when we where in Circleville. We were like, wow, what in the world. How do you even do that?
Sorry PK! haha. Hope that finger feels better soon!


Kate and Kelli gettin some paint

Sara cutting out Palm leaves

Unfinished Sunset

Kelli Painting

A palm tree and vase in the Craft Room