Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

I watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie yesterday... finally.
I didn't think that I would like it at all but, as it turns out, I really liked it. Yes, the Sherlock Holmes character isn't exactly the same as in other versions because he more... eccentric. People also think hes really weird, mainly because hes so smart. They did a really good job of doing the explaining conclusion scenes. They are more like the Sherlock Holmes stories, which I like.
I also liked that this movie had an open end but yet you felt a conclusion. They didn't just drop you off or anything. As one door closed another one opened. (Spoiler: Moriarty!)

Guy Ritchie is a master of the film. His signature is all over this movie, from the quirky camera angles to the excellent fight scenes. This movie also had one of the best soundtracks(scores) that Ive heard in a long time. Again, Guy Ritchie signature.

Robert DJ was also a really good choice for this Sherlock Holmes. Hes always good at these type of roles and rarely disappoints.

All in all this is definitely a movie worth watching.
It has everything a good movie needs, humor, fighting, romance etc.

(Side note: this movie is very clean. There was only like, one curse word in it.; which is super surprising from Guy Ritchie)

(My first 10 in a while! Its normally against my cynical grain to give anything a perfect 10 but I really like this movie and I also really like Guy Ritchies movies and like I said, this didnt disappoint.)