Saturday, June 5, 2010

Suprise Grad Party

So after a full day of working at Michelle's store I was looking forward to going out to dinner at Cardo's with Sara n Ann. Instead what I got was a SURPRISE PARTY.haha. Pretty much all my church friends and family were there waiting on me. I had no idea!! I thought my mom was being weird because she was driving around Cardos like 3 times. I'm like MOM! WHY ARE YOU BEING WEIRD!!!! Turns out we were a lil early haha.
Thanks guys for the great time, wishes, and love!

I especially love my wish book. Ill treasure it for always. I may have cried a lil when I read them...
You guys all mean so much to me, whether I show it all the time or not.
I always hold most people kinda at arms length but that doesn't mean I don't care about you all! haha. Just know I love you but hate to show it!

Thanks Again!