Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So I'm sitting here in Michelle's store, bored out of my mind. Its been a really slow day today. Usually I read most of the time but after doing that 3 days, for about6-7 hours it get s a bit old.
So I'm going for the blogging outlet ;)

So yeah we had some pretty strange people in here; men with giant beards, people who throw clothes everywhere, people who literally drag their kids on the floor in and out of the store, people who like to leave trash in the store etc. It takes all kinds I guess.
There was like 4 families that came in a lil while ago, at the same time. I almost had a heart attack. Usually people come on like, a litte at a time, not all at once. haha.
This really tired looking(understandably) pregnant lady bought like 50 dollars worth of baby clothes. Which is unusual. Very unusual. We might actually make our goal today
That would make me very very happy.

Anyway, I'm just sitting her kind of bored. Watching the minutes tick away till I get to pack up and go home. Don't get me wrong I love working here but without alot of business it gets very boring very fast. I think tomorrow Ill stuff my brothers PSP full of movies and bring it in and catch up on all the movies Ive missed seeing haha. Maybe Ill beat my 300 game too. I'm so cloooooose. I just have to kill Mardonius. Hes SO hard to kill though. You not only have to kill him but you have to knock off all his armor first and then deplete his life. Its kinda hard, but its been a good game.

Oops. phone ringing!

There, I'm back.

Anyway, yeah I'm probably bringing the PSP tomorrow.

Last night at like 1am Cookie was in her cage going a lil crazy. She was squeaking (if u wanna call it that) and running around like a crazy guinea pig. she calmed down after a bit. i have no idea what made her go all crazy. Kitty wasn't in there r anything plus shes too lazy to do anything to Cookie. Then after that she was making a racket drinking her water. I'm like jeez Cookie. This morning when I woke up she was sleepin' in her purple castle with her stockpile of bedding. Shes so cute. I think shes getting used to life in the Adkins house. haha.

Well I think that all for now. Until next time...

*note: not the actual logo of the store, but it would be sweet if it was!