Sunday, July 25, 2010

Clash of the Titans

Oh how I loved this movie. I think its mostly because I have a love for classical mythology but hey.

Things I liked about this movie:
  • The effects were amazing (makeup and computer)
  • Sam Worthington. Hes pretty amazing, all the time
  • The fight scenes were pretty good
  • The array of characters(mythical beasts, people, Gods etc.
  • The storyline. Man vs. the Gods
Things I didn't like about this movie:
  • mythical inaccuracy. I know it sounds like an oxymoron. (an ACCURATE Myth?!) but this movie varies A LOT from the story of Perseus from Greek myths. Yes he slayed Medusa, yada yada yada but a lot of the stuff was kinda stretched. But what can you expect ay?
  • creature inaccuracy: For example, Medusa was NOT a snake totally. She was a Gorgon not a Titan. And she was a woman with SNAKES FOR HAIR. not the whole body of a snake, the head of a girl and hair of snakes. Jeez people.
  • The same girl who plays Io in this plays the princess/queen in Prince of Persia.

All this aside it was a pretty good movie. I give it a good rating nevertheless. Hollywood will never keep stories straight; its their way.

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Gunnar said...

I didnt like it too much when I saw it in theaters. It was so different than everything that I said screw this and proceeded to make fun of this movie with Chris. He didnt like it either. I knew it was gonna suck and it did. Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson only stopped it from getting extremely horrible.

hanner_da_nanner said...

It was alot different but hey, thats kinda to be expected.
yeah theyre both really good actors. period.
I didnt think it was that bad though, all things considered.