Friday, July 2, 2010

Crazy on the Outside

I thought that this was really different for a Tim Allen movie. It was still kinda funny but, it was missing something all the way through. It wasn't the usual par of material you expect from his movies.

It just... wasn't great. The storyline wasn't even really good. It just REALLY fell short of my expectations. I mean you expect a good movie with a cast like Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver etc. but nah this movie was actually pretty boring. It definitely left me feeling like the movie was totally missing the mark.

Another thing I had a problem with - in some parts it was almost like Tim Allen was too old for the part, you know. Some scenes were just like... someone younger should be here, ya know?

On top of all that, Tim Allen actually directed this movie. In my opinion, he should keep to the funny stuff, ya know. I mean the flops on everybody but honestly, this wasn't a good debut for him.

PS. This is supposed to be an indie type film? Really?! Could've fooled me...