Tuesday, July 13, 2010

M&T @ Mamaws

So this past monday n tuesday I stayed at my Grandma n Grandpa's to help my Grandma get ready for the relatives(Mamaw's brother etc). They are coming in from up north (Paulding) tomorrow and Mamaw wanted the house as spic and span as she could get it. So yesterday was mostly spent cleaning; and it definately is very clean now.

 I also went with them and Uncle Paul (who isnt really my uncle. He's my Dads uncle, so my 2nd uncleish person, but I digress)(picture to side) to the nursing home in Jackson and them and their friends from church sang gospel songs to the people there. It was actually quite nice. Plus I always get a kick out of Uncle Paul. He's just so funny. haha. He tried his best to drink the place's coffeepot dry. Let me tell ya it was some of the STRONGEST coffee I've ever had. It was pretty stout. Sara would have loved it. haha. After I had my first drink of it I let Mamaw have a drink. She was like "WOW! Thats some stout coffee! Whew!" haha.
So when Papaw finished singing and headed for the coffee pot, Mamaw and I were watching him to see what he would do when he tasted it. Well, he got his coffee and sat down and went to take a drink and he made this face, his eyes got real big, and he just stared down at his coffee cup for a few mins. Mamaw and I were dying laughing on the other side of the room. haha. It was kinda funny. (Ok this may seem like a boring story to you all but you kind of had to be there)
So I stayed the night and we had popcorn and watched a movie(Sherlock Holmes) like we usually do.

Thismorning we woke up and It was raining, and it continued to rain ALL DAY LONG. We were all like, bummer. We had plans to fix up the flowerbed outside etc. We couldnt do anything outside really so it ended up being kind of a boring day. The Direct TV kept losing signal so we ended up putting in some John Wayne DVDs(Red River, Horse Soldiers, & Cahill) and watched them till it was time to go drop me off. Oh n also I took pics.It was kind of a lazy day but still nice. One thing we did get done though was the baking for tomorrow. We baked the gluten free bread and cake and made a raspberry pie. Im sure the relatives will enjoy them!

Typical Uncle Paul... getting out of his big red truck and always having to pull up his pants

A tree was down on the road when we were on our way to Jackson

Dad was making Salt Pickles when I got home.
EVERYONE has asked him to make some after trying his bread n butter pickles.

Some pics from my rain photographing:


Michelle said...

Hannah, I love the pics of the rocks and the gutter. You got skills, girl!