Friday, July 9, 2010

Nathan's Permit

So today Nathan finally got her permit. WE let him drive down to Mamaw and Papaws even though it was raining. (He had also driven home from the DMV) He did alright. He only almost wrecked us twice. Once when he tried to run us in the guardrail on 93 and once when he came SUPER close to hitting a truck that was waiting to pull out of Oak Hill's McDonald's. haha. All in all he did pretty good. I was WAY worse when I started. I was real nervous all the time, he seems calmer with it; the only thing that freaked him out today was the rain. Yep. I think hes gonna be a pretty good driver.

Today I also got to try out my new SLR film camera. I think I like using it almost better than digital. Its alot less automatic and alot more custom, ya know. Its really nice. Its too bad I cant put the pics on here yet though. haha.

Here are some pics from today(not from the new SLR):
Getting ready to take off

mo barking at cows

Nathan and his new permit(it rained so hes all wet haha)

yay permit!

Mo barking at Bandit, who doesn't care. haha