Saturday, July 17, 2010

Praise Praise Praise Report!

I almost forgot...
Here are some pics I snapped of Kitty.
Shes so cute & fat! She loves to lay on Nathan. haha.

Oh n something else I forgot. My account balance statement from Shawnee says that after tuition, fees, n everything they OWE ME 3,000.
I'm stoked. I got college paid for and more than enough money to buy all my books n supplies without having to use Mom n Dads money.

I had some concerns about my advisor. I think he was in the english dept and he really didn't know anything about my field etc. Well without me even asking they changed my advisor to the HEAD OF THE PHOTOGRAPHY DEPT. I was really worried because I thought the guy might mess up my classes I'm supposed to take etc, just because hes not in fine arts at all. Now i dont have to worry about that.

Thanks God!
I'm glad you've got it all under control.


Karen Adams said...

Awesome !!! Favor !!!!