Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Relatives NOT Coming?!!

So early this morning we got a call from my grandma. She said that our relatives called and said they're not coming down because one of them has been in the hospital because of a Bakers Cyst. I was like, awesome, wait until we have everything ready but the meal, and then tell us. Needless to say we were pretty bummed out. Mamaw was the most bummed of all of us. But nevertheless we took a semi bad situation and made it a semi good one. :)
We all still showed up at Mamaw's at 5 when it was agreed and we had dinner anyway. Uncle Doug & Christy even came up, which was nice. We had enough food for 80 people(we had bought a ham and a ton of other stuff. we planned to cook for12-13 people). We still had a good time, even though stuff happened to where the relatives couldn't come down. I hope she gets better and has that cyst taken care of.

Now here is a look at my day through pics:

Mo got a bath and he really doesn't like to be brushed after it. As you can see by his face

I went looking for Kitty because I hadn't seen her all day. Turns out she was in the bathroom closet laying on the pillowcases. Shes giving me the evil eye. haha

Dad and I did some Green Bean canning. Here are some of the fruits of our labor.

The pressure cooker.

I went outside to get some pics and Clarice was laying on the step. shes so cute. I love her eyes.

Here are moms flowers.

Clarice again!

Moms flowers again!

Friendly and Clarice. I had to make the food call to make them look up.

Moms flower

Mamaw carving the big ham. She was kinda TO'd because there was a whole lot of fat n bone and not alot of meat. She said shes never buying Kroger ham again.

Again with the carving

Dad asked Mamaw for her recipe for pickling Beets so she brought out her cook book from the 60s. I thought it was really neat

Mom was helping me clean up after dinner, or was I helping Mom? haha.

The front of Mamaws canning book from the 60s

Watermelon pickles?! Look were mice have chewed the book over the years...

Love these old advertisements

Mrs. Kerr herself!

Mamaw and Papaws corn is really odd this year. On this plant corn was trying to grow on the outside of the tossels. (look above her hand. youll prolly have to enlarge the pic)

Papaw brough Bandit some supper.

We saw a deer on the way home.(look down the tracks)

We also saw an Amish person at work.

And Geese in someones yard.

I was just imagining the poo on that persons lawn now. YUCK! Make sure to wear shoes...

I thought this was simply beautiful.

Birds on power lines.

A different version

Kitty greeting me when we got home. Yeah right.

Kitty attemping to be in 2 places at once.