Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Terese's House!

Today Sara & I went over to Terese's house to visit with her for a little while. It was really nice talking to her about stuff. The best was probably hearing all of her stories, especially ones about her working in the correctional facility back in the day. haha.
When we first went over there we were confused on where her house was because there were some boys in her backyard n we were like OOPS! wrong house; but it turns out it was indeed her house. She just had those boys working for her painting her fence. Oh the stories she told us about those boys. haha. They don't have much experience with how to do things so Its a good thing they're working for Terese n Francisco because they're pretty patient and can show them how to do things the right way. Their future employers will thank them.
Terese also gave us some of her Bday cupcakes. They had a ton left over so she was begging us to eat them. haha.
What was really funny though is that they were all kinda rough looking because when they got them and was taking them home, she braked and the package fell forward and all the icing smeared. So they were rough looking but still very good.
The only thing bad about our visit was that I forgot the SD card for my camera! I ended up using Sara's once we got back to her house.

Once we got back to Sara's we made some grilled corn. Ive never had Sara's grilled corn but Ive heard alot of good rumors about it.
Welp, all the rumors were true! The grilled corn was very good and once smothered in the Parmesan butter it was perfect.
All in all we had a good day visiting with friends.
Sometimes you don't need alot to happen in a day, you just need good friends you can talk and laugh with to keep you company.

Sara the grill MASTER!


Michelle said...

dudes, you guys need to bring me a sample of fabulous corn on the cob. But not tomorrow, cause I am going thrift store shopping. Woot!

hanner_da_nanner said...

We will! maybe next monday!