Friday, July 30, 2010

Terese's Suprise!

Tereses suprise: A trip to the Lancaster Mall!
Sara and I had a really fun time shopping all day with Terese and Natalie.
They're such a riot. haha.
We got some good deals & I even got some picture props(!!)
Overall it was a fun day :)
We are definately making these trips a monthly thing. Next time we're taking Francisco!!
Tomorrow: Avon Sale & Wesleys Bday Party!

Here are some pics from the day:

Natalie and "Red" the toy she got at TJ Maxx

She wanted to ride every mall thing in the store. haha

I love her faces...
She almost broke terese with her 75 cent - $1 car rides.

Me n Sara

Terese, Natalie n Me

Terese Natalie n Sara
(again with Natalies faces haha shes such a cutie. and what a lil livewire haha!)