Saturday, August 7, 2010

Busy Bee's!

Today has been a super busy day. First Sara n I went over to Richard and Stacey's to take pictures of Wesley. It was really bright outside so I asked Stacey if she just wanted to do some inside shots so we planned on that. Well... Wesley wasn't the most cooperative model. He did NOT want his picture taken but hey, you can only expect so much out of a 3 year old! Plus his grandma and grandpa came over so we just called it a day. I think when I go over to do outside pics I'll do them in the evening maybe. hmmm. Put a pin in that....
Well, we had gotten done way earlier than planned so we had lunch at Cardo's to kill some time. Cardo's always has amazing pizza. Its hands down my favorite pizza place. MMMMMM yummy.
Anyhow after Cardo's we decided to head on over to Tereses so I could give her Natalie's pictures. We visited for a little while and then took off to Rae Ellens for her "beauty consultation".
She had really no clue what shades of foundation and lipstick she needed so Sara and I took her laptop over to Rae Ellens and we did a virtual makeover with her. It was really fun! She hates her picture taken n all so it was basically like some insane chinese torture to her. haha. But really we had fun, and she decided what her ideal shades were.
So after all this I go to my Grandma's and we have a lil discussion about whats been going down with the family. Needless to say, my Grandma, Grandpa, n even Mom n Dad. are a a lil annoyed. ( well Mom n Dad were annoyed but then they came to terms with that's the way she is.) My grandma is pretty TICKED. Which I can relate. haha. So yeah I'm kind of anxious to see how it plays out. She wanted me to send people emails about it but.... not sure if I want to r not u know. Who am I kidding, I probably will. She really doesn't know what she did when she started talking bad about the family. haha.
anyway, back to my day...
I went back over to Tereses for a haircut n color. I pretty much got it all whacked off. My head feels 10 lbs lighter and I LOVE it. I really like my hair short and I love this color. Its the same one I had for my Senior pics but I finally got it redone. So a big thanks to Terese, who is obviously awesome. haha

Oh yes, other news from our day:
We got a lil crazy with Francisco's Macbook ahaha
Oh the joys of Photobooth
(ignot my lack of makeup or hairstyle haha)