Monday, August 16, 2010


So today, I started college, and not only did I get lost (big suprise), I was a half hour late for my first class. Lemme tell you I did NOT want to go through that door. haha. It ended up being ok. It was the first day so my Art History teacher didnt kill me or anything. Which was good. We got out really early because we just went over the sylabis. So I had my normal hour to kill and then some. I took care of my meal plan and hung out with Trevin, Kim, and Erikar. Its nice to know some people in a big strange place. haha.  I also visited the Jazzmans Cafe and let me say.... amazing coffee! Best coffee I've EVERRRR tasted. So good.  After they went to class I went to the library and looked around a lil bit. I ended up checking out a few books. On the first day! haha. Im such a nerd.
After all that it was time for my English class. My teacher is from Rwanda which is really odd. Ive never met anyone from there. He seems really cool and hes very laid back. I think I'm gonna really like his class. The only thing I mighhhttt have trouble with is his accent. Some of what he says I dont get, like certain words. But he said that if we needed him to repeat anything he could. It doesnt offend him. Which is good.
After meeting my english teacher I went straight over to Verne Rife for my photography class. We just looked over the sylabis and stuff. The teacher seems really nice n pretty energetic.
That was my last class but I hadnt eaten all day so I stopped at the Jazzmans Cafe (AKA HEAVEN) and had myself a chef salad. It was really good. (Olives the size of your fist!) except for the tomatos. Well, they were good Im just used to home grown. Store bought tomatoes taste different. Anyway, I got my salad and Suprise! Trevin and Kim showed up so we had a quick bite together. Trevin has a class at like 8pm so he had to stay but I was ready to go HOME. So I stopped at the bookstore, bought by books, and took off for home.
I obviously made it back ok. haha.

Well, it was a nice first day at college. I really enjoyed it!
Now tomorrow is another story... haha
I have different classes tues

and Heres Kim and Trevin eating at the cafe: