Monday, August 30, 2010

I wish I could...

I cannot WAIT to get my laptop so I can actually WRITE on my blog again.
I miss it, the writing, but once I get my laptop I can blog at college during breaks. I'm STOKED.
It also means I can be more... up to date.
For instance, alot of stuff went down this weekend. It was really tiring. I reaaalllyy want to write about it but I have to go to bed because I CANNOT be late tomorrow. If Im gonna be late any day it cant be tomorrow because:
1. I have a Art History project due (pics soon)
2. We have a test, and if I'm not there, too bad.

So anyway, I'm going to bed for now. I'll write about this weekend soon though! It'll probably be when I get pics done. Ulg I'M SO BEHIND WITH EDITING!!! I have to have the Baton pics DONE by Tuesday night, and I'm in class tomorrow till 6. If I had a laptop I could be working on it at school, but no, my financial aid doesn't come back till this coming weekend. BLECK!

Anyway, Sweet Dreams Blog!