Monday, August 23, 2010

My Day in a Few Pics

So today I arrived. LATE. because I couldnt find a parking place. Its usually never that busy in the morning. ULG! My luck...
anyway. I got there went through my day, which was pretty normal (My english teacher told us she thinks that Rod Stewart is Gods gift to women. WOW)
and I decided to try and find the portsmouth library. I got infor from google maps but I couldnt find it (suprise suprise) So i had to park at Burger King and call dad to look it up on google again. I FINALLY found it. Which is a wonder because there are NO signs r anything out front. So I was like. Dude. If you werent from here you wouldve never known it was here. But anyway, backtracking, while I was parked at BK I witnessed a kid getting arrested. As you can NOT tell from my phone pic because its blurry, he had a kid on the hood of the car. NICE!
The funny thing was, the people on the other side of me were also taking phone pics. Yess!

So, fast forwarding, I found the library n it is super old, but very beautiful. I loved the old architecture. And the ceiling. ulg. My phone pic doesnt do it justice.

The inside is a milllliooonnn times better. Its like all marble in front n everything with like an old antique fountain etc. and the balcony with all the architecture. I was very inspired. ADORED IT!

A PIECE of the ceiling. Amazing. The color looks washed out here but MUCH better in person.

Anyway, all in all a fine day, and coming home to my moms famous meatloaf was the perfect ending
except the new episode of Pawn Stars tonight.