Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pics with Michelle n Amy

I had such a fun time today taking pics with Michelle, Amy n the kids. We had alot of fun even though it was really really hot. haha.
I found out what a wealth of photo props that their dad has just laying on his property. There was some pretty random stuff out there... even a stainless steel buffet table! haha
Hopefully Ill get all 1000 of the pics edited soon. haha. I really like these. Theyre all perfect lil models

Patti also came over today to help Dad can, pickle, and such. I thinks shes a lil crazy because she likes doing it so much. haha.
Oh n while she was over our elderly neighbor down the road came by our house n asked us if we'd seen her dog. It had gotten lose. Well we told her we hadnt seen him and kind of went on with our lives. Well, Patti's daughter was driving and saw a Golden Retreiver on the road on 93 where he was lost. She didnt have enough room in her car to pick him up though. Well, Nathan and I took off to get the dog n bring it to my neighbor, only we couldnt find the dog. We went like almost all the way to Oak Hill n back n still no dog. We felt really bummed but we had to give up the search. I hope someone picked it up or it comes home r something...

To completely change the subject: the weather was crazy today. All morning it was blazing hot n humid n then about 2pm it starts pouring n storming(thunder n lightning included) for a couple hours n my yard was flooded. I went to the library and came back and I had to practically swim to my front door. Ask Sam she was with me... DO I LIE?! (that line always reminds me of the Mel Brooks movie: The History of the World P1 haha HILARIOUS)

Also today...

I saw this car in the walmart parking lot n I was like OUCH dude. No I didnt hit it. haha it was like that. But wow I can just imagine the accident that caused it. It mustve been a doozy.

annnndddd in case you want to know what Im doing all day tomorrow, this is it:

no seriously...